Best German Wedding Photographer

Best German Wedding Photographer 2016

I am very proud and honored to have made it on the TOP 10 list of the best Fearless Photographers 2016. To win a Fearless Award is every wedding photographer’s dream – to win five in one year (like I did) seems nearly impossible. There are several international organizations of wedding photographers but when it comes to awards, Fearless is by far the pickiest. Out of over 15,000 entries only between 75-150 pictures get selected by a changing jury of three photographers. Tastewise, they are always one step ahead – the trends one sees at other competitions have been discovered by Fearless often a year ahead.

For the judges it is very important that the images chosen show the photographer’s own unique style and voice. They don’t want you to copy from other great photographers – they want to see something new you have to offer. A lot of photographers can learn how to take those epic pictures – a tiny couple in an amazing scenery – but Fearless wants you to take pictures that are about your couple, that show what is so very special about that particular wedding you shot. They want to see THE MOMENT. It is taken for granted that your skills and technique match your artistic abilities: A great moment realized in a poor manner means nothing to them.

I am still amazed how far I have come. I have worked hard over those years, took a lot of workshops with the best photographers in the world and found my own creative voice. So this year I have become the best German wedding photographer – and I will keep on working to stay there…

Beste deutsche Hochzeitsfotografen

Best German Wedding Photographer in Dusseldorf, Cologne and NRW

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